e-Rad Portable Diagnostic Service Solutions are the culmination of more than a decade of providing teleradiology services to hundreds of portable diagnostic companies throughout the US. With the advent of evolving technologies, our service platform for the portable diagnostic industry has continued to expand. Our tenured experience with providing world-class teleradiology services combined with our intricate knowledge of managing a portable diagnostic imaging company, our newly added service offerings will not only increase the quality of service and reporting to your valued clients, but a bottom-line approach to drive access to internal cash flow in the face of slim margins.



Your dispatch team is the most crucial aspect of your day-to-day operations. The client relationships built and managed by your dispatch team is what helps grow your company, provide excellent service and sets your company apart from the competition. Although e-Rad provides the staff, they are your staff; representing your company. Your administrative team will work with our staff to shape the messaging and provide us the necessary training on your processes, protocols and use of RIS/PACS to ensure accuracy of dispatching and the inbound/outbound call requirements.



Having developed the most advanced teleradiology workflow processes including our in-house Virtual Assistants, advancements in technology and artificial intelligence, we have perfected the reading process, turnaround times and clinical efficacy of our reporting. As you radiology partner, we have skin in the game. We are prepared to report accurately and should any concerns arise, we will be by your side to address any issues directly with your clients. True support in real-time.

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