We are a Software and Health Care BPO based in Hyderabad India. Our team have hands on experience in building web sites and web applications. We are using Heroku and AWS for deploying our applications. Most of our products are developed using NodeJS and MongoDB technology stack which is best suitable for building highly scalable web applications. We also have experience in python, flask and Backbone.JS. We have experience in integrating applications with payment gateways Paypal and Stripe. We have expertise in architecting the applications using layered and micro service architectural patterns. We are well experienced in developing HRMS applications and automation. We have experience in building both Cloud Based and On-Premise applications.

We have strong experience in designing responsive web sites using technology stack HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/JQuery, Bootstrap Responsive(versions 3 & 4), Font Awesome, UX Pin and Photoshop. We are using webhosting(for development & staging) and GoDaddy(for production) to deploy web sites. Please let us your free time to have a demo to show applications/web sites which we already developed.

Our endless curiosity in:

UI / UX Design

Web/Mobile App Development

Digital Marketing Services

Enterprise Solutions

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things (IoT)

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