As entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, operators and owners, we are constantly faced with challenges that stand in the way of progress. Most of these challenges ultimately begin with the lack of financial resources. e-Rad is owned and operated by business entrepreneurs with decades of vast collective experiences from the corporate world and successful start-ups the world over. We have experienced the same shortfalls with regards to financial resources and at times, had to go around conventional thinking to identify sustainable solutions to achieve our goals. Although out-of-the-box thinking was designed and implemented to solve short-term problems, it was the long-term strategy that continued to loom over our heads. We began to think harder and dig deeper for solutions that would carry us to long-term success.

We began canvasing our vast network of relationships in search of ideas on how to not only solve the short-term but the long-term issues as well. We needed to identify solutions that would allow the business to remain in control of the process while reducing risk and overhead costs; holding onto as much revenue as possible. Here’s why. Revenue that is lost is not productive. Revenue that is held may be used for expansion, research and development, adding service or product offerings, and a myriad of other possibilities that can be implemented to achieve both short and long-term goals; ultimately, sustainability.

e-Rad was born.

What we offer is a service unique to existing business solutions. We take two business models, outsourcing and insourcing, and combine them into co-sourcing. Co-sourcing fills in the gaps in internal expertise saving businesses time, money, and effort in recruiting additional staff. The additional staff, services and support that e-Rad provides allows our clients to maintain operational control and reduce their overhead costs associated with business operations; allowing unrealized funds to be realized and put to productive means and utilization.

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